RPS, Revolutionary Payment System is the result of NAVIGATOR Ltd.’s own efforts. The company has successfully dealt with the development and implementation of its own software solutions, as well as with software outsourcing services.

Ever since founding in 2004, Navigator has been contributing to its clients’ business organization, upgrading their business processes, lowering expenses and providing quality and availability of its IT systems, relying on the latest trends and technologies.

The company’s main objective is providing the client with top quality services through transparent development process based on agile and interactive methodologies, including the help of highly educated and qualified staff with the aim of overcoming all business challenges.

The most valuable source of Navigator Ltd. Company is the professional staff, highly educated young experts who follow the latest trends in the development of informational and telecommunications technologies. In the innovative working atmosphere, using the most modern technologies, the company enables its clients to base their work on the good quality hardware, software and infrastructure. The company does business on the territory of Serbia, the region and EU countries.